Link-building like John Wayne

Another light-bulb moment

I work in-house for a recruitment agency in Newcastle called Exclusive and today is the day link-building helped me out.

When scouting for back links, I tried a different method to the usual *add site* and guest blog research. Now, I am no thought leader here but this could help you too. Instead of tying to build only new links, I tried to fix old, possible dusty links. My company re-branded a year or so ago from Exclusive Human Resources to Exclusive Ltd and I started working for Exclusive after this re-brand. I never spend much time pondering over the issue…until I remember one of my SEO lessons. I’m going to call it reverse engineering.

“To Google” I said and typed “keyword”, in this case “Exclusive Human Resources”

This searches for the phrase Exclusive Human Resources, but ignores the Exclusive website. I also added a few more -sites to remove some scraper sites and sites I already knew about. (the site command is such a great search operator, and you can find more search operators here).


Here come the link opportunities. Old testimonials, random articles and interviews, old listings, the list (of 315,000 results…there goes my afternoon) is awesome. Instead of me desperately trawling for links like some kind of deep sea fish, I am now 3 steps ahead and shooting emails to web masters like John Wayne in a Spaghetti Western.

John Wayne

What do you think?

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