What the f*#k was Apple thinking?

Apple Maps…the disaster everyone has heard about!

Apple MapsEveryone from Marketing Professionals to my Girlfriend (who has no interest in Internet Marketing) seems to have heard about the disaster of Apple Maps. As a Google-Apple rivalry steps up to the next stage, a huge following of Apple-fans and Internet Marketers are shocked that Apple could release a product of such low quality.

In a nut-shell, Apple Maps is a reaction against the long-standing dominance of Google Maps, which for generations of iOS systems has shipped pre-installed. As a product, this is great for Apple customers but for Apple, this has been a thorn in their side. Hosting a rival application on an entire product range has been something that Apple has wanted to change for years.

But Apple Maps has failed to hit the spot. Melting landscapes, missed landmarks and directions including driving over runways to reach destinations have been reported across the world. Interestingly in some areas such as China (and obviously the American West Coast), many users have reported a better experience that Google, but for the most part, this has been a failure.

Now, I am not saying that Apple should not have tried, but instead, this has become a Marketing disaster and a damage to Apple’s brand, ll topped off with a very awkward letter from CEO Tim Cook apologising to Apple customers. It would never have happened under Steve Jobs.

The Amazing iOS 6 Maps Tumblr is just one of the ways the digital community is mocking this slip-up.

Apple MapsAnd then this. Apple, initially wanting to offer their own solution to Google, is now having to offer MORE alternative mapping services  I mean come on Apple! What is this. A recent discussion claimed that in terms of map-power, Google have invested 400 years into Google Maps and Apple swan in with 2 years and expect to offer a serious alternative! Come on! Both ridiculous, naive and just over-confident.

So I ask, what the f*#k was Apple thinking?

What do you think?

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