The DuckDuckGo Challenge


I first heard about DuckDuckGo a few months ago via Rand Fishkin, and since then it’s been crossing my mind.

DuckDuckGo then suggest you try it for a week as an alternative to the likes of Google.

“So here I am. The DuckDuckGo challenge.”

I’m going to use it as I would Google, for everything. Personal, Work, Facts and a bit of Fun and I will see how it acts as an alternative to the major players. Living in an SEO bubble, it already ranks my clients website #1 for one of their search terms (here). High 5!

In the meantime, the guys at DuckDuckGo do have a very interesting article on how your search terms are really used by search engines to develop more targeted and contextual advertising efforts. (Find the Dont Track Us post here).


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