To META or not to META

meta tagsWhen I’m working with clients, I always get asked about the META tags we see on websites.

META tags are a way of search engines understanding the content of a page and act as brief notes to sum up what the page is actually about. This is also prime real estate for keywords so when adding text, do some research and find the best keywords to add. There can be some large differences in two similar keywords so experiment.

The 3 META’s


  • 1-2 short and snappy sentences to summarise the page. If you were to tell someone about this page, what would you say? Add it in here,
  • This is the snippet you see on Google >

meta description


  • Again a sort and snappy title similar to the introduction. As in the above image, this needs to be the main title of the page BUT don’t forget to target some keywords.


  • Google don’t really use this section of the META data. In the early days of the web they did but now, there are more valuable ways of evaluating the content of a page (see this video). So my recommendation would be, add the top 5 keywords of your page and leave it there. You might as well make the most of your opportunities in SEO but the focus should always be on top quality content.

FACT: Do Not Stuff Keywords. Search Engines penalise this so keep it relevant. Less is more and so is quality so keep it short and to the point.

So don’t forget META data. Now focus on creating quality website content on-page.


What do you think?

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