Dear Twitter, Please don’t follow Facebook down the slippery path

Dear Twitter

After hearing the news that Twitter is expected to go public in the near future, I began to worry for the sake of yourselves but also for Social Media as a whole.

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah from Hubspot inspired me with their ideas on Inbound Marketing, that finally we had a method of marketing products to customers through the web that was fun, inspiring and innovative, separating us from the years of throwing cash around and towards a style focused very much on making remarkable relations between businesses and customers.

Intrusive advertising was becoming replaced by discerning customers who make a purchase not only on the value but the overall feeling from a company through blogs, search engine results, RSS, Social Media and quality content.

But this news just makes me think that although marketing has to make money, the innovative methods just seem to lead to a profit proposition rather than value for customers. Of course, Twitter has bills to pay. but if we look at the sad state of Facebook who got took cocky and floated on an hyped-inflated share price, why does Twitter have to follow suit?

I mean look at this:


…down, down, down. Social Media makes its money through advertising, not through corporate methods of stock and public shares. Leave that for the big dogs.

Twitter announces promoted tweets: Great! A ways of pleasing users by not covering their feed with ads and it keeps advertisers happy.

So please, let Facebook make the public company mistake and rise above it! Twitter has an estimated value of $8.4 billion…

“eMarketer believes that Twitter produced approximately $139.5 million of total revenue in 2011, and it is estimating that number will almost double to $259.9 million in 2012” SEJ

…so build on that. $8.4billion for a 6 year old company is awesome but Twitter is not cocky. Facebook has become a fat bully, grabbing at our social lives in any which way it can. Twitter is different so please keep that wonderful micro-blogging, international community culture you have made and dont try and be one of the ‘lads’.




What do you think?

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