Link Prospector

One of the ways Google finds relevance in your website is through the number of links pointing to you. The more inbound links you have, the more Google feels that others recommend and respect your page, thus making it a more worthy choice. But this process of Link-building can be like pushing treacle up a hill.
I’ve been working with SEO for some time now and found Link Building to be a struggle at the best of times. I never really thought about where I could get links for my clients websites and out of the ones I thought of, very few either materialised or proved any benefit. However I recently found Link Prospector through another awesome SEOmoz blog post.

I made a free account for my blog and kind of forgot about it and kind of ignored Garrett French’s emails (sorry dude), but something made me think and I tried it again using Garett’s generous 3 free credits. My client is in the recruitment market and I sent off a few queries for link pages, reviews and professional organisations and went to bed. I had struggled with link building ideas for a while in this industry.

When I got up, I had around 50,000 potential link prospects! My day was filled and some of the link ideas were AWESOME! Educational sites, Government Sites, a few social media sites with a “do-follow” attribute; boom…I sat for 6 solid hours working though this list of links and I’m only about 10% of the way though! I think the best thing about this tool is its ability to really expand your possibilities when link building. Even those links and pages you would normally forget or reject are totally worth some exploration such as .edu and educational sites. Competitive but worth it if you try but as with many link building strategies, this takes some patience especially with the friction caused by the rel=”nofollow” attribute used on many higher ranking sites. So get registered and try this out.

Definitely worth a try and I’m sure you will make Link Prospector your best SEO friend! I need to get back to these links!

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