Why Paid Relevance has no Depth

google shopping

In a recent article from Search Engine Land, Google has decided to charge merchants to be listed on their Google Shopping feature (something which has failed to impress me so far).

So is there any depth in internet paid advertising? Well I think just on principle, NO.

The web opens a new form of marketing competition based on actual customer service, interest and likability rather than a financial dominance. Google’s continually changing algorithm keeps relevance at the heart of the web (for the most part). Conscientious businesses now target how they can impress their customers online through quality content and such but this latest news from Google angers me as it is just old marketing in a new way. Despite the stats from Hubspot that some 89% of Google clicks are on ORGANIC rather than paid search results, why do businesses and Google seem intent on pushing paid search? Granted, this makes HUGE revenue for Google but surely this challenges their ethos on relevant search results?

If anything, I was disheartened to hear this news. I thought it would be much more encouraging for smaller online businesses if Google opened their algorithm to include those traders on sites like Etsy and Folksy rather than giving the bigger names yet another route into customers pockets.

Deep down, let’s not forget that Google is a business. So relevance is key…when it turns $’s and £’s.

What do you think?

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