7 thoughts on “The Saga of GM and Facebook

  1. I have to agree with your about this. People are running around acting like this is the beginning of the end of…. something. It’s just a simple business decision. Buying a car is a considered purchase. It is not an impulse item (unless you are 17, in which case EVERYTHING operates on impulse). There is so much more to social media reach than paid advertising.

    I think that GM probably made the right decision for their brand. And if they discover that they made a mistake, they can always go back and reinstate the ads. It isn’t like this ship has sailed forever. Good grief!

    Kay in Hawaii
    aka Biz Bitch (http://BizBitchBlog.blogspot.com

    • Yes I think you are right. Of course this is bigger issue because of the size of GMs company and budget but ultimate this is about the actual return on paid social media. Some say it is difficult to measure ROI through social media and obviously, like you say, GM took the a well informed business decision and reduced their outgoings.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Great Post and well observed Dan

    Maybe I’ve been in the advertising industry for to long and maybe the last 30 years have made me a little to much of a cynic but if the GM account was mine – I would have cancelled the advertising in the knowledge that the global news coverage of this action on the back of the FB story would give the brand far more exposure than 10 million spent anywhere could! Would anyone not reading the latest issue of Campaign even know GM had closed this account with FB if it was done last Feb or next Sept?

    I must admit we find it very difficult to get our clients money I spent on FaceBook to generate any sales at all and have never recommended it. Google Ad Words still works well enough, (though keeping the cost down can be hard work) if the product or service is right for it.

  3. Enjoyed the post. I think FB is great. It helps me catch up with friends, share photos with my family, etc. But I think it’s highly overrated (as you can tell by what’s happening today on Wall Street). Do you know who’s on FB 24/7? 14 yr olds. And trust me, even they are getting sick of it. I’m not saying it will go away, or that it doesn’t have any legs as a promotional tool – but I think any company betting that big on FB will come out a loser. Then again, what do I know, I’ll go back to my wine.

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