Why Social Media should take a back seat when planning online marketing

So the word on the town is Social Media. With this you can do that; with that you can do this. Great. But the error everyone seems to make and ignore is that Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, whatever cannot make users interested. Content is king.

Now I dont want to steal the thunder of any other SEO blogs but this is totally true. Facebook/Twitter work wonders for inbound marketing and increasing user interest but if users hit a boring, dry page with nothing but text and intrusive ads then you have wasted any time you put into your social media plan.

content seo

Think ahead of the game! Just before you share that page…think is the page a quality product in itself? Is your site fixed with no broken links and if they hit your site what else can they see??

Dont just dive in and pray that Facebook will thrust your traffic and conversion stats up.  That comes with content.

Now, content can mean so many things, but one example can be blogs. I am a SEO consultant for a recruiting company and recruitment blogs are potentially the worst thing invented by man. Dull, dry and very, very boring.

One word, info-graphics. If you have data…spice it up with some images of the data. There are loads of infographic sites like Pik-to-chart.com/ and visual.ly/ which can help you make some quick graphics in no time and make your content just that little bit more interesting.

I heard one of the best pieces of advice at a conference recently. “If it doesnt fit on a A4 sheet, I dont care.” True…time is money and readers can be bothered to read a long thesis of a blog post (hopefully this isnt), so be snappy and direct.

Ive  written about blogs before and I love them. Some bore me to death but you can spot a great blog from the first image. Make the most of yours now!!

Social media is step 2, so focus on content as step 1…the stuff users will find. Quality content will encourage revisits and higher conversions and social engagement.  Long live the Content King!

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