The Value of Facebook?

You hear a lot about scams and online marketing, but it wasnt till recently that I was actually struck by how shocking the scale of this is!

I found a company called My Logo Is Great (not going to honour them with a link, the fewer people that find them the better really!), who offer paid-like schemes whereby clients can “But Facebook Fans!”, anywhere from 500-10,000.

A few things really. WHAT!

  1. Facebook is a great tool to communicate but stuff like this devalues any sense of actual ‘like-ability’ of a product. These 500 likes, costing a modest $35 make a page look snazzy but utterly useless
  2. Its a shame that people feel pushed into using social media. Use it if you need it. This is an expensive, waste of time.
  3. Its just another case of a un-cool business playing to the unknowing and rather vunerable.

I was furious to find this but like I say, this makes me question some of the ‘likes’ I see on Facebook. I just think it is a shame!

By the way, if you need a hand with what you think is a un-trustworthy offer like this then pop me an email.

What do you think?

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